Usefull tools for CTFs

Table of Contents

1 Ctf tools

My list of usefull ctf tools

1.1 VMs

  • Blackarch Live
  • Some virtual box hints
    • create vmdk from usb drive VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename <RESULT_FILE> -rawdisk <DEVICE>

1.2 Networking

  • impacket Python lib for networking GitHub
  • rustscan Faster nmap AUR

1.3 Forensic

  • binwalk Detect magicks in file
  • wireshark Analyze traffic
    wireshark-qt pacman

1.4 Reverse

  • apktool Reverse apks
    AUR: android-apktool
  • dex2jar Apk to jar AUR
  • jd-gui Reverse jar AUR: jd-gui-bin
  • jadx Reverse apk gui Pacman

1.5 Web

  • dirb Scan directories on host

1.6 Common

  • SecList Lists for fuzzing
  • FuzzDB One more repository of lists GitHub

1.7 Pwn

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